Teaspoon’s Handcrafted Tea and Premium Boba is Coming to Berkeley

The boba tea shop will open this fall next to UC Berkeley.
Teaspoons Handcrafted Tea and Premium Boba is Coming to Berkeley
Photo: Facebook / Teaspoon

Teaspoon is the latest boba tea shop to land a location in Berkeley. The new store is under construction at 2129 University Ave. between Shattuck Avenue and Walnut Street. Representatives for Teaspoon confirmed the new location with What Now San Francisco this week, adding that they hope to be open in September.

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Teaspoon is known for their handcrafted tea drinks such as Liquid Gold, a double roasted honey oolong tea with fresh cream, and the Strawberry Sangria, their take on the American sweet tea infused with strawberry marmalade. The chain’s development team is always concocting new flavors, finding ways to blend traditional boba culture with classic American flavors. 

This is why one of the best parts of Teaspoon’s menu is their seasonal offerings. As of this posting, they currently have Raspberry Mojito (raspberry marmalade and freshly muddled mint leaves with a fizzy finish) and Flamingo (freshly blended watermelon juice layered over passion fruit juice). 

On top of their fresh fruit flavors, inspired milk teas, and cravable coffee offerings, some Teaspoon locations also offer gluten-friendly macarons from Bay Area bakeshop Fancy Flavors. Will the new Berkeley location have these delicious treats as well? Find out by following @teaspoonlife on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on the opening. 

Nadine Blanco

Nadine (she/her) is a What Now Media Group staff reporter with a background in online content creation, plus book and magazine publishing. In her free time, Nadine can be found at a bookstore, the beach, or a Padres game. Currently craving: a strong cup of coffee or a bowl of spicy ramen.
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