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Where does San Francisco go from here?

Wherever the newly charted destination, What Now San Francisco will be there to chronicle the journey, just as What Now Media Group has been doing in cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles. Welcome to your new hub for all things brick and mortar, where you can find the latest restaurant, retail, and real estate news in the City by the Bay.

S.F. has always been a dynamic city, and we know timing is everything. That’s why WNSF will be working tirelessly to provide only the latest and most important news shaping and occupying San Francisco’s built environment. Whether it’s the latest waterfront megaproject or a new neighborhood restaurant, we’ll be ready to report it.

Plus, just like dishes at many of your favorite S.F. eateries, our news is also locally sourced. We’ve always valued community input and feedback, so we’ll love to hear from you. Hit us with any ideas at [email protected].

If you feel like San Francisco’s economy is now in more flux than ever, that’s because it is. The last year has wrought an incalculable cost on small businesses, restaurants, retailers, and other businesses across its landscape.

But in addition to many things, it has also been proof of the city’s resilience. Even amid the trying year that was 2020, as well as San Francisco’s notoriously arduous approvals process, the Bay Area still saw almost 1,700 restaurant and food businesses open last year, according to Yelp. It can feel nearly impossible to keep track of each and every new venture. We’re here to help.

That goes for real estate, too. With the region still in the throes of a housing crisis and heading toward an economic recovery, many of the city’s neighborhoods are being eyed for new housing and commercial development, from Hunters Point up to Treasure Island and practically everywhere in between.

This is a site that San Franciscans have been waiting for, and we’re happy to have you. You can subscribe to our breaking news alerts, add us on Facebook, or follow our Twitter. Whatever your preferred platform, if it helps lead you here, we’ll make sure you aren’t missing out.

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