Yemeni Cafe Sana’a Is Constructing a New Location in San Rafael

Additionally, "Sana’a Cafe has plans to expand in Northern California, eyeing key markets, including Sacramento [and] Oakland."
Found at 245 Front Street — near Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop, Royal Exchange, and Schroeder's — the concept plans to reopen by St. Patrick's Day.
Yemeni cafe Delah Coffee is opening its fourth outpost in the Bay Area.
The menu will boast a "tantalizing tapestry of Laotian culinary delights that promises a symphony of flavors and aromas."
Coming to 115 San Jose Avenue, the business will land near Capitola Wine Bar & Merchants, English Ales, and Left Coast Sausage Worx.
Taking over a spot at 530 Bryant Street, the concept will land near establishments such as Ettan, Ramen Nagi, and Zola. 
Coming to 2130 Center Street, Suite 102, the eatery will land near establishments such as Bag O' Crab, Daryoush, and Ippuku.
Bernal Basket will take over the Little Bee Bakery space at 521 Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights.

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