Hyatt Regency in San Francisco Is Reopening its Rotating Rooftop Bar

"Equinox, back in the day, functioned like a carousel — the outer ring of the restaurant rotated while the central section remained fixed."
The IDG mission “is to craft elevated dining experiences anchored in innovative cuisine, impeccable style, seductive ambiance, and first-class service.”
"When I think back to eating egg toasts, it deeply reminds me of my childhood," shares the owner.
“This proposal would help rejuvenate an East San Jose destination, ensuring that residents have access to high-quality, safe, and affordable experiences locally."
“We are passionate about opening the American Canyon restaurant as quickly as we can so Napa County residents and visitors alike can flock to Chicken Guy! for a delicious fried chicken experience.”
The 531 Bryant location will become the company's seventh store in the Bay Area.
Taking over the former Petit Marlowe space at 234 Townsend Street, the concept will land near District San Francisco, Little Skillet, and Rooftop 25.
Coming to 607 Street Helena Highway, the eatery will take over the former Dean & DeLuca grocery spot.
In the meantime, the business will host closing events and sales at the 16th Street spot.
Behind the growth are franchisees Dr. Shaukat Shah and Asad Shah, who have signed a multi-unit agreement to open new locations in San Joaquin, Danville, Modesto, San Joaquin, and Stockton.
"Savor family favorites like our prime rib and rotisserie chicken slow roasted over a wood-burning spitfire with a side of creamy macaroni and cheese."
The eatery will land near El Paso Bakery, Redwood Cafe, and the bar Spancky's.
The cozy, 1000-square-foot spot will offer indoor seating and begin service later this month.
"We'll only do some minor changes like painting. No major changes in the place," writes the concept's owner, Zitao Zheng.
Coming to 140 New Montgomery Street, Comorebi will soon neighbor the fine-dining establishment Mourad.
The name of the upcoming eatery has not yet been established.
McGee was the most recent owner of Berkeley's Albatross Pub.
The restaurateur behind Norcina is opening a restaurant at 3213 Pierce Street.
The restaurant will land near Aunty Pooeys Sweet Tooth, the furniture store Katz Modern, and Ralph Gracie Berkeley Jiu Jitsu Academy.
Coming to Village Oaks, an "open-air retail destination" at 5760 Cottle Road in San Jose, the eatery will land near establishments such as Marshalls, Panera Bread, and Starbucks.

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