Owners of Miyakko Might Be Plotting New Project in East San Jose

South Bay sushi restaurant Miyakko may have something new up their sleeves.
Owners of Miyakko Might Be Plotting New Project in San Jose
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A new restaurant called Miyu Ki is possibly coming to east San Jose, according to a pending beer and wine license found in state public records. The file is an application to take the license over from AJ’s Kitchen, located at 1815 E. Capitol Expressway

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Our source is connected to the owners of Miyakko Japanese Cuisine in the Sunrise Plaza Shopping Center. The popular sushi restaurant has seen rave reviews from customers since its beginnings in 2018, not only for the fresh selection of food but also the relaxed vibes and friendly customer service. 

They are known for their Miyakko Teishoku, a set meal of traditional Japanese favorites that comes with miso soup, salad, and rice. It is unclear whether Miyu Ki will be a sister restaurant or have a similar menu and atmosphere. 

What we do know is that they will for sure serve beer and wine, pending a license approval. Based on from whom they are taking over this license, it’s highly likely that Miyu Ki will also be a sushi restaurant in some capacity, since AJ’s Kitchen is a sushi bar. 

The owners of Miyu Ki have been contacted but did not return requests for comment. Until we know more, keep an eye on what happens to AJ’s Kitchen over the next few months. 

Nadine Blanco

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