Three-Starred Michelin Chef Prepares To Start New “Jew-ish” Deli

Despite recent setbacks, the renowned chef is moving ahead stronger than ever.
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Chef Christopher Kostow is one of the one of the most recognizable names in the industry right now. In 2011, he became the youngest American-born chef to earn three Michelin stars – the highest honor that exists in the culinary world. Since then, the Chicago-born chef has taken the country by storm, opening up a series of successful restaurants that continue to push the boundaries of culinary excellence.

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Now, it appears that Chef Kostow is setting his sights on a brand new venture. According to the recent launch of a brand new Instagram page, Chris and his wife Martina are gearing up to start a new restaurant called Loveski Deli, a “Jew-ish” deli that will feature bagels, lox, meats, and all the other staples you’d expect. Loveski Deli is expected to open at 610 1st Street in Napa later this year as part of the Oxbow Public Market.

Chef Kostow currently serves as the Executive Chef of Ensue, which brought Kostow’s mastery of Napa Valley cuisine all the way to Shenzhen China. He is also the owner of The Charter Oak, which has its very own farm from which they can source fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Despite the universally high praise his restaurants have received, the past few years have not been easy on Christopher. Nearly two years ago, he suffered a tremendous setback (along with the culinary world in general) when The Restaurant at Meadowood was destroyed in a wildfire. At the time, The Restaurant at Meadowood was one of only 13 three-starred Michelin restaurants in the entire country (and only one of 135 out of the entire world). Now, while the team has been rebuilding the restaurant after their devastating loss, the restaurant has been operating as a pop-up, offering exclusive one-night-only dinners in cities across the country.

The launching of Loveski Deli is welcome news for fans of Chef Kostow’s signature cooking. It’s still not clear when precisely they plan to open as they are still early into the process. For more updates on Loveski and Chris’s other ventures as well as upcoming popups, be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Jake Rogers

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