NOLA Daiquiri and Wine Bar to Debut in Livermore This Summer

Republic Square’s upcoming NOLA Daiquiri is NOT affiliated with Houston business of the same name.

This post is an update of: NOLA Daiquiris Plots Move Out West in 2022

NOLA Daiquiri and Wine Bar to Debut in Livermore This Summer
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What Now San Francisco stands corrected to our previous report last month. NOLA Daiquiri coming to Livermore is actually not affiliated with the Houston business of a similar name. The owners of NOLA Daiquiri and Wine Bar reached out to What Now San Francisco to make this clarification, adding that their business will debut in Republic Square late this summer

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The owners gave us the real scoop on their concept, which is to bring a taste of the Big Easy to the Bay. There will be two bars; one serving frozen daiquiris of various flavors and another showcasing selections from various local winemakers of color. 

NOLA Daiquiri and Wine Bar’s owners are Louisiana natives who are excited to bring the Creole and Cajun flavors they grew up with to Livermore. Their menu says that their menu will feature classic dishes such as Gumbo, Jambalaya, Seafood Po-Boys. 

At the moment, they are working with their contractors and expect to begin construction soon, which is why the opening is a lot farther out than initially expected. 

Their restaurant is in good company at Republic Square, being next door to a new House of Soul location also planned for the shopping center. Keep an eye on this development to see how things shape up for the highly anticipated grand openings of NOLA Daiquiri and neighboring businesses. 

Editor’s Note: The names of the owners have been redacted upon request.

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