Foodnome Founder Turning Personal Home Into Bao House Restaurant

A new home restaurant where you're not given the address until your order is completed, to open in SF Bay Area.
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Founder of Foodnome, Ashkay Prabhu has received his permit to operate and is to open a first-of-its-kind legal home restaurant in the SF Bay Area, Bao House, on July 1st and 9th, according to a press release this week. On Friday, June 4th, the Berkeley Environmental Health Division approved the first Microenterprise Home kitchen Operation (MEHKO) in the San Fransisco Bay Area for Akshay Prabhu to open a shop for his bao-centered cuisine.  

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Bao House’s grand opening will take place on Thursday, July 1st, and Friday, July 9th from 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm. There will be limited dine-in, backyard seating as well as takeout. You can pre-order on a first come first serve basis on Bao House’s Foodnome profile.

Akshay Prabhu is not only the founder of Foodnome but is also the head chef at Bao House, where he wants to pay homage to his humble beginnings.

Prabhu started cooking for people from his home in San Fransisco and was shut down by his local health department. To help thousands of others like him, he created Foodnome, the first legal marketplace for homemade food, and with the help of hundreds of other home cooks, he fought for a home restaurant bill which was passed in 2018. 

This bill and company was a huge help to tons of food industry employees during the COVID-19 pandemic as they couldn’t work and were out of a job.  

Bao House’s menu includes Cambodian bao buns that come can be customized to any of their three fillings as well as a fennel-apple-cucumber salad as a side dish. 

On Foodnome, you are able to get an exact address of the restaurant once you complete your online order for the safety and privacy of the chefs, as they are operating out of their own homes. 

Kellyn Doerr

Kellyn Doerr is a University of Vermont alumni with a B.A. in English and Public Communication. She hails from Providence, Rhode Island but made the move to The Big Apple with her cat Tiberius. She has worked for various editorial outlets including The Charlotte News, Rookie Mag, TownVibe magazine, and The Vermont Cynic. Kellyn loves to go out to eat and try different foods and is excited to be writing about it for What Now Media.
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