Feng Cha Tea House is Coming to San Jose Early 2022

Feng Cha is one of the newest businesses cropping up at Almaden Plaza.
Feng Cha Tea House is Coming to San Jose Early 2022
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Feng Cha Tea House is opening a location at the Almaden Plaza Shopping Center on 5353 Almaden Expressway. Management for Almaden Plaza confirmed their new tenant at Suite M26, saying the permit process is nearly finalized and construction will begin soon for what is likely to be an early 2022 opening.

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Feng Cha has locations in California, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas. In addition to five locations throughout SoCal and the Bay Area, Feng Cha recently opened in Milpitas and now will be coming to San Jose.

Beyond standard milk tea with boba, Feng Cha offers fresh fruit tea and a variety of desserts, including six flavors of specialty sponge cakes. There is also a delectable treat called a “Strawberry Castle,” a parfait-like dessert with layers of cake and strawberries. Still, one of Feng Cha’s most popular drinks is a boba drink called the “Dirty Boba,” a traditional milk tea topped with house-made cheese foam and a crème brûlée topping.

Feng Cha distinguishes itself from all other bubble tea shops with their slogan, “Bring People Together.”  They want customers to feel at home in their stores, which is why Feng Cha is also known for being one of the more stylish and cozy shops in terms of aesthetics.

Their drink menu is completely customizable and can accommodate diets devoid of lactose, dairy, gluten, or caffeine. With perfect drinks, unbeatable service, and a relaxing environment, Feng Cha hopes to be a place where people would want to hang out and “bond over the joy of tea,” according to their website.

Feng Cha Tea House is a franchise in which each shop is independently owned. According to San Jose public records, this new Feng Cha location will be owned and operated by T&R Tea House Inc. While management for Almaden Plaza confirmed this news, T&R Tea House Inc. could not be reached for comment.

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