Dumpling Club Up and Running on 22nd St.

A month after Today Show stardom, the dumpling subscription service settles in San Francisco.
Photo : Official

Although Dumpling Club has been operating for over a year now, a recent permit has been filed to signal that it has found its home at 3233 22nd street.

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You probably already know about Dumpling Club from its rise to stardom due to owner and chef, Cathay Bi’s Today Show appearance, but now if you’re in the SF Bay Area, you can get the famous cuisine yourself.  Bi declined an interview, but she did tell us that demand is through the roof. On her Today Show feature, Bi tells the story of her Asian heritage and how she was inspired by her grandfather, who comes from a region in northern China that specializes in dumplings.  

Bi left her job the fall in 2019 and began making dumplings for friends and family at that time. She realized this was her passion and in  February of 2020, she decided to be more serious about the company. Dumpling Club has now transformed into a weekly subscription service that features a rotating menu of dumplings and asian dishes. 

The given address might seem familiar from its proprietor, Tinker Kitchen. But, Bi uses it for catering and operation purposes for her homemade and hand-folded dumplings. It is important to note that it is not a traditional restaurant, so do not expect to come to the address and grab food on any given day. 

Once they’re back in stock, you can put in an order at Dumpling Club’s order website. A quick tip: Bi’s delicious products have been known to sell out in a few minutes, sometimes less, so be sure to get them while they’re hot. 

Kellyn Doerr

Kellyn Doerr is a University of Vermont alumni with a B.A. in English and Public Communication. She hails from Providence, Rhode Island but made the move to The Big Apple with her cat Tiberius. She has worked for various editorial outlets including The Charlotte News, Rookie Mag, TownVibe magazine, and The Vermont Cynic. Kellyn loves to go out to eat and try different foods and is excited to be writing about it for What Now Media.
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